Approximately 1.2 million girls and boys are trafficked each year in the United States. 





Women Like Us Foundation has a long history of creating awareness of sex trafficking both locally and globally.  Our support of women's leadership against sex trafficking is making a difference for lives of women and girls. See our documentary   Women Like Us.  Three Journeys.  One Mission.  To Change the World. and our recent Women Like Us book, Women Like Us.  Together...Changing the World.

We've ridden along with police and volunteers to speak with victims of trafficking, offering 800 numbers, hot chocolate, conversation and compassion, we are committed to outreach and eradication. 




We support women-led initiatives that work with the police and go out to the streets to meet the victims...offer an 800 safety number and friendship.  When they call or reach out, they are ready to take action. 


Through women's leadership, the re-entering process assists with housing, re-connection with family and resources for employment and support as lives are re-built.

Gather friends and make a difference.

Gather friends and make a difference.


Many victims of sex trafficking have become immune to understanding that they are valuable human beings and they can have better lives. Women-led initiatives are working hard to help victims realized their worth and pave the way to brighter futures.

what is the cost to make a difference in one life?

Research and experience finds approximately $10,000 will help a girl through all 3 stages of recovery.


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women like us foundation goal?

raise $25,000 by year's end-2017

grant funds to women who are making a difference in the united states.

that will help with:

*  sustainability of their programs

*  impact in the lives of the victims

*  awareness and development of their mission and achievements

past impact of women like us foundation

Through funds, volunteering, creating awareness- we are helping them sustain their missions and continue their work. Here are some of our current and past initiatives led by women that we have supported.


DREAM CENTER-$5500 Funding for rescue programs

SOMALY MAM FOUNDATION- $10,000 Funding for housing in Cambodia

PURCHASED- awareness of initiative in current book by Linda Rendleman Women Like Us.  Together Changing the World book.

RESTORE, INC.-$2000Funding for recovery

SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL- $5000 Funding for criminal prosecution and awareness of the initiative in current Women Like Us.  Together Changing the World book.

SAVING INNOCENCE-  volunteer work with girl victims

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