N A Noel School-Kenya


It all started when...

NA Noel School-  JOIN US AS WE TRAVEL TO the school in on JUNE , 2017.


Women Like Us Foundation has raised funds to help build latrines for the children, provided funds for food, desks and programs.  We took a group of volunteers to N A Noel School where we taught the children music, art and sports and surveyed the school's needs for future funding.  Currently we are working on a lunch program for the children, providing more desks as some are still sitting on the ground, and bringing clean water to the school.



The school strives to bring not only a quality education to the children in the area, but also a sanctuary and safe place for the kids who are stricken by some of life’s cruelest atrocities. The NA Noel School is a place for children to learn and grow and gives them the necessary tools to survive (like quality medical care, food, and safety) and opportunities to follow their dreams that they would struggle to find otherwise.


“Love is the only thing that changes things” – Nancy Noel. A simple, yet strangely powerful quote that captures the passion and motivation behind Nancy Noels work, both philanthropically and artistically.


Since its installment twelve years ago, the school has flourished into a community of growth, support, and peace. With 239 children, several teachers, and medical supplies and doctors on site, the benefits of such are innumerable especially in a land where the very real fear of AIDS and war will negatively affect any childhood. Despite the hardships that these children have to face, Nancy has seen and been inspired by their natural enthusiasm, vivacity, and perseverance. Though they may not have much in the sense of tangible items, they make up for it leaps in bounds in love.