women like us foundation trip to kenya
june 17-28, 2018







Contact:  Terry Kaiser. Terry@womenlikeusfoundation.org   818-448-1133



JUNE 17, 2018-  Board your plane for Nairobi, Kenya

June 18: arrive at JKIA, Nairobi – You will be met by our partner, African Springs Safari's and meet your fellow travelers.  On to Villa Rosa Hotel where you’ll spend your first night in Nairobi.


June 19-21:  We’ll begin the journey with a quick trip to Wilson Airport where you’ll board a plane to Rusinga Island on beautiful Lake Victoria.  You’ll stay in the beautiful Rusinga Island Lodge, a private and intimate setting for our group. It is here where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the children at the N A Noel School and will be welcomed by a musical performance from the children.

You’ll spend your time here volunteering with the children in the classrooms, helping in the garden, working with the teachers and assessing the current needs.  It will be a wonderful time to get to know the school’s teachers and children.  And plenty of time for rest at the Rusinga Lodge where we’ll take our meals and enjoy getting to know one another.


June 22:  Today you will be taken to the Homa Bay Kabunde Airstrip to fly to the Masai Mara, another short flight, and check in to the Sarova Mara Lodge.  Spend the day resting, exploring, sitting by the pool and enjoying your surroundings.  There will be some special optional opportunities to go to a Masai Village among other things, if desired.

June 23:  This is the time to see the big 5!  Kenya is known for the beautiful parks and game drives.  We’ll hop in land cruisers and take the day for safari.  Bring your camera!

June 24:  Another opportunity for a safari first thing before breakfast and then a visit to the Olmalaika Home to meet Kim DeWitt and the beautiful girls who live in the home where girls have been victims of Female Genital Mutilation and rescued from early childhood marriage.  They are a joy to behold as they are educated and given resources to live fulfilling lives.

June 25-26:  You are now on your way via land cruiser to Nakuru, where you will spend 2 nights at Sopa Nakuru. During your time there, you will have the option for early morning and evening safaris.

Here you will be meeting Ann Kabui, founder of Victorious Teens and learn about her work with teen girls and boys plus the local women’s enterprises that sustain their positions with their families as they invest in chickens, farming and other micro businesses.

You will be greeted by a program from the teachers and children and have the opportunity to work in the classrooms, organize sports and discussions with the teen boys, and teach the sewing project for washable sanitary towels with the girls.

June 27:  Today we leave Nakuru and travel by land cruiser to Aberdare Country Club and on to The Ark where you’ll spend the night before heading home.  A favorite of all of us, the Ark is a unique place where you’ll see many elephants, water buffalo and rhinoceros at the water hole in the evening and can even ask to awake when animals wander in to the water hole during the night.


June 28:  After a late breakfast and a brief safari, you’ll travel to JKIA airport in Nairobi for your flight home.

And as you travel back to our world in the United States, we hope you’ll consider never, ever forgetting the people you have met in Kenya and how this trip has changed your life.

Travel Information


Please remember that you should plan for only one soft sided piece of luggage for the entire trip. Because you will be flying for part of the trip in the country, it is important that you honor this requirement. There is not a lot of room in the Land Cruisers for extra baggage, as well.  It’s easy to rinse things out and wear more than once.  Occasionally there is laundry at some of the lodges.

Here is a sample packing list that could be helpful.  I usually bring underwear that I can rinse out so that saves space.

·      T shirts

·      Long sleeved shirt/s

·      shorts

·      light pants or cargo pants

·      medications

·      sun hat or baseball cap

·      tennis shoes or hiking shoes

·      swimming suit (there is a pool at Rusinga Island Lodge)

·      flip flops

·      medications

·      bug spray

·      camera

·      sweatshirt or fleece

·      hand sanitizer


Visa Application Online

You will need to have put the following in a file on your computer, it is easy to upload
1. photo of yourself on our computer (max 500px x 500px) Can you can do a selfie and trim it down?
2. scanned copy of your passport (bio page)
3. flight/ticket uploaded

*It will help to have these all ready before you start your application
Click on this link - https://account.ecitizen.go.ke/visitor-registration
Your first thing to do will be to open a visitor account -  then go to your email to verify the account. On the next page you will see GET SERVICE NOW - click that


Here are some things that might help you when filling in information
Reason for travel - TOURISM
Be sure to put correct dates - REMEMBER IT IS 2018

Address while visiting -  

Telephone number - 0713010092(for a local one you can use this one which is Kim DeWitt, our travel organizer)


Once you enter your cc information and submit it might time out - if so just refresh it and it should take you back to the completed and most likely approved visa.

Call, email or Facebook me anytime - remember there are no silly questions and you can never ask too many questions!      You might get an email stating your visa has been approved in a few days or you might have to keep going back to your account to check on it. Once you have it, print it out. Please don’t wait till the last minute to obtain it - but remember it only takes a few days or less to get it approved.

The date you are entering is June 17, 2018 and departing June 28, 2018.

Passport and flight schedule

Bring a photo copy with you and make sure your passport is current.
Make a photo copy of your flight plans.


Please contact your doctor or local travel clinic.  They will have the most up to date information on inoculations recommended for Kenya.

Money and credit cards

The currency in Kenya is Schillings, but most of the hotels take the American dollar.  I suggest one credit card and not American Express.  Many times AmEx is not taken in third world countries. I suggest you may get the credit card holders they sell now in shops that are made of a substance that blocks thieves from scanning your cards.  There are more and more people who can scan your card even in your purse.  I had this happen at the Dublin airport last summer.